L I T T L E   I T A L Y
N E I G H B O R S   A S S O C I A T I O N   ( L I N A )

t r e e s

Residents of Little Italy have been working with Community Board 2 and the NYC Parks Department to initiate a beautification program focusing on tree planting. The Parks Department has already approved thirty-six trees to be planted throughout the community on Elizabeth, Mott, Mulberry, Prince and Spring Streets.

Forms are available from Debby Corper, tel 226-7895, e-mail dcorper@sorosny.org. In order to plant a tree in front of a building, the landlord of the building must sign the form.

The following are some general guidelines for locating planting sites (courtesy of the Street Trees Department):

1) Do not plant in front of building entrances in order to permit easy access by the Fire Department.

2) Minimum tree pit sizes are 4'x5' and 3'x6'. Larger pit sizes should be created if space allows, up to 5'x10'.

3) Minimum distance between trees ranges from 20' to 40', depending upon the tree species and other local conditions.

4) Minimum distance from a street light is about 25' (varies with tree species).

5) Minimum distance from a stop sign is 30'.

6) Minimum distance from other traffic signs is 6'.

7) Suggested distance from a parking meter is no more than 5' behind the meter, to allow for the swing of car doors.

8) Minimum distance from a gas or water valve is 2' from the edge of the pit.

9) Minimum distance from an oi fill pipe is 4' from the edge of the pit.

10) Minimum from a coal chute is 6'.

11) Minimum distance from a fire hydrant is 5' from the edge of the pit.

12) Minimum distance from a curb cut or driveway is 7'.

13) Minimum distance from a street intersection is 40'.

14) Minimum distance from the edge of the pit to any opposite obstruction (building wall, stoop, railing, etc.) is from 4' to 6', depending upon local conditions and the amount of sidewalk traffic.

15) All tree pits must be contiguous to the street curb (except as noted in #16).

16) Trees may be planted on either side of sidewalks (if any exist) in lawn areas where there is sufficient room between the property line and the street curb.

17) Do not plant within bus stops.