by Marilyn Rosenberg and David Cole

TRACK is a correspondance - over 100 individual artworks, each independent, each interconnected, and all together a single bookwork.

Beginning with a shared interest in "track" as a linguistic metaphor and a visual image, David Cole and Marilyn R. Rosenberg have created an interactive, collaborative bookwork packed as baggage. Segments are complexly layered or astonishingly simple. Each piece is an artgift intended by one for the other; many are direct reflections back on works received; some are excursions off on sidetracks of mutual interest. TRACK is akin to both a creative history and a diaristic journal, with private meanings yet public forms, which reveals the correspondence between two creative individuals with like concerns.

TRACK is a transverse - an imaginary journey.

No plan or plot, shape or form, was discussed beforehand. Stimulated by the understood nature of the metaphor, each of the artists creates and reflects, stretches and rebounds, and travels with the journey as it occurs. Throughout the entire bookwork there are non-repetitive, though often complimentary, visual perspectives of train travel.

Marilyn R. Rosenberg and David Cole, as visual poets, share a particular and emphatic interest in individual words. Words break open to reveal held ideas; they vitalize space with intensity and direction; they overlap and mix as thought they were colors. They are as malleable as clay, and they fuse with images for new and unexpected meanings.

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