Return to Babel, 1999 (detail)
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 200 x 120 cm.

Born in the United States in 1940. Seaman has participated in Lettriste shows since 1982, when he showed his film, "The French Sweet," at the avant-garde film and video festival in Paris. Since then he has exhibited paintings and sculptures in Lettriste shows, and is included in the book, La Méa-Estheétique lettriste (1999).

Seaman's involvement in Lettrisme relates to his polyglot approach to cultural diversity, and his research for a visual archaeology of the letter.

As a scholar of the poetic avant-garde, Seaman has published numerous articles on Lettrisme, including a chapter in his 1981 book Concrete Poetry in France. He has interviewed many Lettriste artists on video in preparation for a film on the movement, in addition to a film about Satié's wisteria project. He is curator of this show, and co-curator of the Lettriste web site.

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