Victor Hugo in a motif under transparency, 1999
Mixed media, 220 x 125 cm.

by Alain Satié

Born in 1944 in Toulouse, France. Satié joined the Lettriste group in 1964 and has been active in all their events since then. Painter, poet, writer, architect, he has worked on many publications, and is the author of the book, Les Avant-gardes retrouvées en peinture (1999), a significant critique of the history of painting and exposition of the place of Lettrisme in the avant-garde.

Some of Satié's wide range of works are his flags, sets of Lettriste furniture, hypergraphic novels, and sound poetry. He has also created works on clothing, in watches, chess sets, and even painted on human bodies.

Since the 1970's Satié has created a meca-esthetic series based on the words //mot/lettre/signe// (word, letter, sign), with sculptures and reliefs made up of these words in folded newspaper, in glass, wire, projected light, mown fields, and even as a living wisteria vine in the shape of the word "lettre."

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