Floating Architecture, 1999
Mixed media, changeable dimensions.

Since 1971, Roehmer has been active in Lettriste shows, specializing in photography and painting. She uses super-writing with personal invented signs over painted on Roman letters. Among the unexpected details are signs and arrows that seem to contradict the expected sense of the work

Roehmer participated in the show "Seven Lettriste Women," in 1978, about which Isidore Isou wrote that she possessed a great science of graphic art, leading to works which defy appearances and "impede the viewer's grasp of the subtleties and secrets."

In 1994 Roehmer created the floating sculpture, "Aquatic Dance," realized on the Regent's Park Lake, in London, England. In conjunction with the present exhibition, this work will find a new manifestation on the pond at the heart of the Georgia Southern campus.

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