The Visual Poetry
of Graffiti Writing

Curated by Karl Young and Karl Kempton

We feel that graffiti writing is one of the most dynamic forms of visual poetry practiced in the 1990s. Graffiti writers have not been slow to pick up on the World Wide Web, and many have sites to exhibit their work and to discuss it in their own terms. We will show photos of some works here, but our main purposes in setting up this site are to draw the attention of other visual poets to graffiti writing and, if possible to provide a forum for the discussion of the interrelation of the different forms of visual poetry.

- Karl Young

Public Writing from San Francisco
photos by Chad Grochowski.

Graffitti Writing Across California
photos by CEKS1.

Other Graffiti Sites

Names: Garffiti Art Basics
Essay by Karl Young.

This site opened on May Day, 1999.

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