by Michael Basinski

ANGEL PEYES originated with the appropriation of a commercial label. The brand name and packaging were recreated and returned transformed and repackaged as a discontinuous, self-service poem. ANGEL PEYES attempts to radiate as a multitude beyond the confinement of precise literary definition and fails greatly for this gesture. However, the defeat is contentment. Proclaiming the creativity of the reader pales the polished banality of so much nick-knack poetry. The poem ANGEL PEYES exists in many states. It may be read on several levels, in matrix, metaphorically and in the real because there are three shards. To read means to read aloud and in silence, to sing solo and in chorus and to recite in any combination of these modes. Instrumental musicians are encouraged to use ANGEL PEYES as a score. It has manifold entry and access points and various exit points or endings. Enter and find a voice poem, sound poem, score, spell, chant, a Websters Dictionary word poem, fusable words, fragments, syllables, free standing letters, alphabetical constellations and poetry. Once beginning a rendering or performance string, maintain it until your breath depletes or when the fundamentalist mind intrudes with its unbearable sense. There is no performance time limit. Do refrain, if you wish.

If you record performances of this work, send them to me via Light and Dust. Click Karl Young's mailbox at the bottom of the main directory to arrange for that.

Michael Basinski

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Copyright © 1999 by Michael Basinski.