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An Exchange
of E Mail Art Between
Reid Wood and Karl Young


This project is one of many installlments in a series of projects Reid Wood and I started some 17 years ago to explore possibilities of Mail art using new media. We started out with fax exchanges. Several years later, we went on to exchanging JPG images via email, using very different time frames, both long term and in the speed with which we did exchanges in given sessions. For more on this, with samples, see A Summary of 14 Years of Collaboration at Big Bridge magazine.

This brief sprint was done during December, 2009. We've set it up so that it will run with two images displayed next to each other. The one on the left began with an image by Reid; and the one on the right, with an image from me. One of the most important aspects of this's display is the way the two strands interact with each other.

This set went on-line on New Year's Day 2010, for aul lang zine, and to suggest the continuity of a personal project, and an artistic genre.

— Karl Young

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