Entry on Woodland Pattern from a local history of the district where Woodland Pattern resides.

This article is particularly important at a time when national economic collapse has been triggered by speculation in real estate, and, incredibly, and mindlessly, all sorts of people see arts funding and support as frivolous and something that can be easily cut. Whether it be Lower Manhattan or decaying neighborhoods in cities like Milwaukee, few if any groups can revitalize and increase the value of property and the wealth of communities as well as artists.

Aside from, and adding to, the notice of Woodland Pattern, Tolan's book is a model of its genre, and the Riverwest and the adjacent East Side districts have been ideal communities for efforts such as Woodlnd Pattern and for books on local communities. A good read even if you're not specifically interested in Milwaukee.

Click here to go pages of The Milwaukee Journal newspaper on the transition from Water Street Arts Center to Woodland Pattern and its move to its current location.

Click here to go to contextualized history of the Parent organization, The Water Street Arts Center.