John Solt Collaborations with
Taylor Mignon, Ray Craig, Uri Hertz, and Christine Hatch  


1) with Taylor Mignon and Ray Craig
June 2005


Albert Camus the goalkeeper now a Vagabond Sisyphian
shakes his tail feather and a finger at the foreboding sky

slope brambles with unexpected finches, flirtatious nipples
distract hypnotist in his sleep when clothes become memory

timephiltripping care pack: Electric Ladyland for Antonin Artaud
glimpses down to bats flying out of his orange shit
wind howls "take me away" to slippers disentangling purse strings

wound susceptible to incision condemns
tattoed ears that reorbit on silver spikes

name-droppings fall from the ether in roman letters
"people with your name want to hurt our people"

cinema invokes loss: "in darkness infinite touch the heart's edge"
for clarity: recipient: add line; cc: hold back

he names baby daughter after ex-girlfriend
to give his tattoo significance again

the pope is a queen of costume, actor of infallibly broken condoms
old Chinese woman sweeps hair with apology

around the sound town, meditation evaluation
a cyclical fusion of shoulder confusion
yet there is a gap between his legs

damatte mikan muku: film tenants collect sparse amulets
Akabane Baka Matsuri: Cross-dressing Matsuken Samba, ole'

you're allowed not to partake
but only while you're asleep

para la claridad: recipiente: escribe una linea; cc: no haces nada
The critical bird haphazardly will win the funky girl tomorrow

take the pain away: medicine woman
contestant strapped in car seat endure underwater rotisserie

bee blossom bosom buddies
Cutey Honey and Barbarella

glass gems snarl at blue
finches deleting our memory

Artaud smeared in clarity excrete orange droppings
purifying platinum bouquet eternal day returns

Willie Nelson hums, "nothing but blue skies" under her skirt
parting plums: tongue soil "with a hundred patches"

a tin pan alley tune wafts to a tinpany symphony valley
"half-free people are nazis, like chatting Disney animals"

she hums at snapping brains, lovers licks rip drum skins
t-shirt appearance adds "Big Youth" in stencil

slithering through a tympany symphony valley of lentils
if you'd wiped ass, you would've made the day shift
attach firmly to nostril as horse farts

smoker, one-eyed joker, rope-a-doper do!
her panty string unravels around his ears

two bodies supported by four legs
one gynecologist with three jock boxes and 5 Jacks

sits under an acacia tree stroking her shady thoughts
chair swivels to airplane visits
mid thrust gust elevation dandelion

sucks velocity from bird-chirping solos

her severed legs tethered to a mattress monkey groping for more


2) with Uri Hertz
April 2003


as summer wears on, enigmatic cypher,
its lessons hidden in
the time taken to pull paper and pen
from air stream around necklace pills
forgotten phrases of unwritten
poems reappear in indecipherable codes
liquid as precious angels, porous as membrane fever
the statue of underarms explodes hair rays
which beam upward, merging
with searchlights of Hollywood premieres
strands pulled back like beach pony tails
ridden ass backwards into the hydro ocean
waves breaking on Malibu colony sands
beyond, a school of dolphins
migrates to calliope music
handless handles at keynote pole dance
met 30 years and hundreds of stogies away
vandals w/out sandals stand round
loud landed gentry on horseback saddled
with Willie Nelson's debt and Ricky Nelson's fate


3) with Christine Hatch
July 2002


website signature
poet lost among the years
will you remember?

tracing Khmer ruins
crumbling today superimposed
who should be forgotten?

so many questions
from my porch above Monterey Bay

eye raindrops of joy
cheers to friendship again found
in earth's far corners

last night tossing and turning in dream
looked down at a stormy seacoast
then up at a huge orange striped fish
swimming across the waterfilled sky

tangled underbrush
life my feet I find myself
raised up on branches

leaves falling on thorns
between her giggle
and his moodiness

what is investment to he
who lives brightly colored now?

night chill softened by
a couple dancing tango
in rain on the bridge

she smashed everything wooden
to prove the exception is the rule
each went own way and bumped foreheads
their derby loser named "sweet foreplay"

standing on fresh rose petals
we guessed her silk colored thoughts

jelly bean garden
once planted on Snell Street now
melted back to earth

goggles unleashed a mask
returned from alien space

nothing logical
in a box of synapses
just ones and zeros

chewing on the soft cotton
of the bioterrorist's brush

pluto engineered
will you choose your children's eyes
genetic progress

hydrogeologists sit with sand castles
gigantic trees choke terrified ruins

Luna is a tree
held together by giant bolts
waiting for a storm

who only consented off the record
to tell where she hung her hats

coy said he, smiling,
only the haberdasher
knows where I reside

custom outfit on Fleet Street
with scissor-cut ear flaps to boot

clinging desperately
she cries to life's illusion
so seriously

slamming the back porch door she bruised her finger
after sending him back the boxes he'd returned to her

even crickets can't
lighten the weight of her step
walking on your back

born late to write the treatise
we're left with scraps of science

with partner hogging the lines
help pull me out of the abyss
so we're at equilibrium again

pure and fragile beauty found
miles deep beneath the ocean

languid fish without eyes
swaying between the seaweed
ancient mulberry leaves

an empassioned Klimt kiss kept
timeless, tinted into silk

on her scarf pulled tight
in the spring's early mist
fears of those lost years

in the pocket of travels passed
I find bright stones still remind

what Freud would think
in this day and age
with silver spoonlets

twisted into jewelry
sold saturdays in Portland

the contortionist on view
requested a weekend off
to visit distant relatives

long time gone and short time there
travel in your head instead

a flight of geese
in the shape of a key
opens the sky

grey whale breaches the bay while
kin decomposes the beach

shaking the sand out of his hair
the cab driver pulls the seat up
and yawns to signal the nap's end

stealing inadvertently
something deeper than may day

courted by dolphins
learning to ride nature's force:
the sea spits us out

the air also rejects us
and we return home unscathed

only in bold dreams
will the force of our own wings
carry us to sky

swerving lopsided against
the uncanny loops of death

large apple branch mounds
keep trees from reaching skyward
and look like bird nests

with opened palm
she separates eggs
from fluffy dirt

possibilities living
safe inside a hard white shell

rained on traffic cop
stops glitter angels
for bypassing insecurity

to be seventeen years old
is to be invincible

water, bridge, greenery
brown bricked houses
and the endless afternoon

a shop on Newbury street
sells only stone gargoyles

across the street are bibs
for jido-sama and inari foxes
and knit booties for grandma

my cyber-Omi emails
Canada: Great Uncle Karl

Billy down the street
and the rest of the gang
are all on the loose

a horse, a heist, a hideout
high above between redrocks

a bump on the head
family story's lost chapter
slice of pickle pie

underneath the tent
the bear left scraps

high in the sky
Orion shines
without nostalgia

when I saw him the first time
shooting arrows upside down

burning knarled roots
thousands of years old for heat
his children won't know

how to barter beads properly
after he's kicked the bucket

won't matter much
to the moonbeams
frozen out there

once a drunken moonbeam flew
unable to eat petals

Donald and Daisy
padding themselves
on fried leftovers

white marble studded streambed
where anadronous fish live

undercutting waves
with the verticality
of her bobbing yacht

but life is so peaceful here
in the sea of ignorance

until he discovers
her Hungarian blood
flowing furiously

passion in love and anger
baked into Austrian cakes

one Sacher family
three Napoleans
and a pungent rat

Asher morphed into Ashley
Ellis Island self-defense

Henry Ward Beecher
New World bound English sailor
landscape of footprints

not stepping on heads
silver-tongued emancipator

the small-pox blankets
given by "our" namesake and
our national shame

just a smidgen of the evil
generated by the ancestors

for what have we learned
of our roots and histories
if we do not heed

silver ocean's pounding
neon stars' beaming

sixth grade science fair
my pink neon flamingo
blown by hand in flames

his girl friend in tears
with her aunt in handcuffs

outside heads on cement
thanking for the moment
chanting from minarets

behind that grove of yuke trees
green dragon monks live in peace

sitting immobile with
ultimate void superimposed
on apparent reality

a letter gift in a dream
lost when I tried to read it

his words on flowing water
her bubbling mercury pond
their hands loosely entwined

dawn: a deer frozen, listen
to the bobcat's tail twitching

eye of the hurricane
fires on the plain
in her locked scrapbook

she offers up her pages
as testimony of pain

autumn leaves falling
the wind in the pines
and the hissing of lust

fingers walked down guitar strings
in a search for calm again

the grand Mariachi band
courted her passionately
while checking their watches

Louisiana stowaway
crawdads in California

staring at the moon
in a pool of water
train rolling along

machu picchu mystery
roofless for night sky worship

khmer temple reverberates
shadowy secrets of insects
draining memory of mercury

you may eat the rice that fits
in the curve of your small hand

of their first meeting
she remembers mango seed
threads between her teeth

smiles burst into laughs
subtle rainbowed dawn




© 2006 by John Solt, Taylor Mignon, Ray Craig, Uri Hertz, and Christine Hatch

Light and Dust Anthology of Poetry