The Book of the Green Man

Then cam four grett wodyn
with four grett clumes all in grene

& with skwybes
borning -

by Ronald Johnson

For Jonathan & for Dorothy
who made it possible


Of the seasons,
seamless, a garland.

to equinox -

measured a cock's stride
come full circle.

The length of
a sequential foliage

firmly planted in
our veins,
we stand in our rayed form:

a chicory,

Sponsa Solis - & upon the sun appears
a face
also with rays

in descent
through an undulant


Part 1: Winter

Part 2: Spring

Part 3: Summer

Part 4: Autumn

Author's Notes

Pages from Ronald Johnson's Journal
for The Book of the Green Man

Paintings by Basil King based on the lore of the Green Man
accompany the seasons of this book.

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Copyright © 1967 by Ronald Johnson
First published by W.W. Norton
Reproduced by Permission of the Literary Estate of Ronald Johnson, 2001

Light and Dust Anthology of Poetry