Revolutionary Rexroth: Poet of East West Wisdom
by Morgan Gibson

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1. An Introduction to Kenneth Rexroth (1905-82)
2. Lives of a Poet
          An Autobiographical Novel: The Midwest (1966: 1905-27)
          Excerpts from a Life: California (1981: 1927-48)
          Organic Christian Personalism: California and Europe (1947-67)
          The Buddha's Way: Asia (1967-82)
3. "Poetry Is Vision"-"Vision Is Love":
          Rexroth's Philosophy of Literature
          "The True Person"
          Communion: "Communication Raised to the Highest Power"
          "The Craft Is the Vision and the Vision Is the Craft"
          The Vicarity of Symbolism
          The Revolution of the Word: Cubism and Objectivism
          "Natural Numbers"
          "Actual Poetry Is the Living Speech of Person to Person"
          Poetry As Communal Sacrament
4. The Poems
         The Collected Shorter Poems (1966)
         The Collected Longer Poems (1968)
         New Poems (1974)
         The Silver Swan (1976)
         On Flower Wreath Hill (1976)
         Flower Wreath Hill: Later Poems (1976)
         The Love Poems of Marichiko (1978)
         The Morning Star (1979
         Selected Poems. (1984)
5. The Plays: Beyond the Mountains (1951)
6. Translation as an "Act of Sympathy"
7. Cultural and Countercultural Criticism
8. Discovering the Anarchist-Buddhist Poet: Rexroth's Letters to Gibson
9. In and Out of the Academy:
          Knabb, Cornuault, Hamalian, and Gutierrez
          Philosophically Interpretating Rexroth
          The Kenneth Rexroth East-West Collection at
          Kanda University of International Studies in Japan

          By Rexroth
          On Rexroth

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Copyright © 2000 by Morgan Gibson

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