by David Cole

David Cole painted these pieces on the floor of his basement in St. Paul, Minnesota, as a continuation beyond and after the Shrouds. They were envisioned as views down through the ground into space beyond the earth; in that sense they were vertiginous. They were first exhibited with Shrouds in The Ice House, a professional photographic studio with white painted coved walls and floors of immense dimensions: 50'h x 200'l x 80'w, in Minneapolis. The shrouds were hung off the walls, casting shadows behind them, and the visual poetry FLOOR SPACES exhibited on the dazzling white floor, often with painted suits hanging on fishingline above them. Some paintings have plastic presstype, the larger ones are stencilled. They were sometimes walked on in the making, and some viewers, without shoes, walked on them at the exhibit; they are intended to be experienced as poems in space opening into further space.

We include here general photos of the pieces. "Walkabout," "Sangfroid," and "Shall We Dance" includes enlarged details of the poems.

Black Hole
Too Good for Words
Shall we dance

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