Bringing The Text Back Home:
What Alphabets have Made of Us
from Papyrus Fragments to Electronic Screens

by Karl Young




The Process of Bringing the Text Back Home;
Who We Have Been from the First Pogrom
into the Age of Genocide and Mechanical Reproduction


Cried and Measured
Psalms and Lessons from the Shreds of the Elephantine Fragments

Complete English Text of Book in web-adjusted format

Complete English text in full size format
(under construction)

A teljes angol szöveg Koppány Márton fordításában
(Complete Hungarian translation by Márton Koppány)

Original 1977 Notes for Cried and Measured


Should Sun Forever Shine
New Rhythms from the First Bits of What Has Become the World's Alphabet

Complete English Text of Book

Testo completo in Italiano tradotto da Anny Ballardini
(Complete Italian translation by Anny Ballardini)

The Roman Alphabet in its Original Context
From the Design of Letters to the Form of Books to the Performance of Texts


Variations, Alternates, and Diagram-Sketch of Related Works
(Under Construction)



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[In addition to being a multi-phase work of its own, this project also acts as
Part 5 of Some Volumes of Poetry:
A Retrospective of Publication Work by Karl Young

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