California Polytechnic University,
San Luis Obispo, California, USA

To view works from this show, click on the highlighted names below. In some instances where larger works are presented, you'll first see a small thumbnail of the work. Click on that and you'll go to a larger version that won't be visible all at once on your screen, but will let you see the details that won't be visible in the thumbnails.

David Arnold; Patty Arnold;
Michael Bell; Bellora; John Bennet; Paulo Brusky;
Ernst Buchwalder;
Anna Cusenza; Carlos Dantas; Betty Danon; Klaus Dencker;
Loris Essary; Margaret Falk; Bill Fox;
Giuliano Gallela; Michael Gibbs; Scott Helmes;
Dick Higgins; J.R. Hines; Davi Det Hompson; Channa Horowitz ;
James Johnson; Alaistair Johnston; Karl Kempton;
Bleim Kern; Richard Kostelanetz; Lawrence Kuchary;
Suzanne Lacy; Brian Lane; d.a.levy; Gerald Lange; Fred Lonidier;
Aaron Marcus; Tony May; Anne Milne; Steven Moore;
Hansjorg Meyer; Tom Ockerse; Pawel Petaz;
Tom Phillips; Howardena Pindell Bern Porter;
R. Prost; Ruth Wolf-Reheldt; Dieter Rot;
Ken Saville; Steve Scobie; Eric Senhauser; Karen Shaw;
K.A. Schnitzer; Eris Solstein; Myra Shiras
Mieko Shiumi; Harry Smallenbergh; Eris Solstein;
Adriano Spatola; Buzz Spector;
Aneta Sperber; Caroline Stolof; Lew Thomas;
Fred Truck; Paul Vangelisti; Ed Varney;
Larry Wendt; Susan Wicks; Karl Young;


David Arnold; Paula Claire; Doris Cross; Robin Crozier;
Wally Depew; Peter Finch; Bill Gaglione;
Paula Hocks; R.J. Kessler; Marilyn R. Rosenberg; Morrie Warshawski; Karl Young;

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