P. O. biog___________

Born in Greece [Katerini] in 1951.
Migrated to Australia in 1954/55[?].
Raised in Fitzroy [a Melbourne suburb]
Reason for living: Stupidity!
Works as a Survey Draughtsman for the Public Service.
Ideology: Anarchist.
Has 8 publications to his credit including Panash The Fitzroy Poems, The Fuck Poems and 24 Hours [740 pages the largest poetry book by a single author in Australian History.].
Has been a founding member of the Poets Union and Collective Effort Press.
Has edited many magazines including Fitzrot, 9-2-5 [a poetry magazine for the workers by the workers about the workers' work], FREE [and FREE TOO]. Has edited "Off the Record" [an anthology of performance poetry], and "Missing Forms" [an anthology of concrete/visual poetry] with Peter Murphy + Alex Selenitsch.
Toured the U.S. in 1985, and featured at the 7th International Poetry Festival in Medellin, Colombia in 1997.

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