Contents of Margins 24, Sept. 1975
edited by Karl Young

77. Karl Young: General Introduction

Part I: Poetry

78. Gerard Malanga: Statement ofappreciation
78. Rosalyn Drexler: Notes on Rochelle Owens, the Poet
79. George Economou: The Early Poetry of Rochelle Owens
81. Toby Olson: Controlled Hysteria
83. Jackson Mac Low: Rochelle Reading Rochelle
84. Harris Lenowitz: Din and Razel
87. Barbara Holland: Babe of Joseph Stalin's Daughter
88. Armand Schwerner: The Joe 82 Creation Poems
88. Jane Augustine: Androgynous Re-Vision of the Word/World
90. Gautam Dasgupta: Mystic Designs in Poems from Joe's Garage
95. Joy Walsh: The Joe 82 Creation Poems-High Energy Construct
97. Tom Ahern: The Presumable Crowd
98. Lita Hornick: Rochelle Owens-Primordial Singer
101. Jackson Mac Low: 48th Light Poem

107. Karl Young: Introduction-Part 11: Plays
107. Jerome Rothenberg: Introduction to Futz and What Came After
108. Interview with Tom OHorgan
109. Linda Swenson: From the Point of View of an Actress
109. Saul Gottlieb: Futz
110. Ross Wetzsteon: Review of Futz
112. Joan Goulianos: Getting Rid of Thou Shalt Not
113. Michael Feingold: Rochelle Owens' Ironic Theatre
114. Peter Share: Theatre At Judson
114. Martin Gottfried: The Karl Marx Play
115.. Emory Lewis: Karl Marx and the Marx Bros
116. Michael Feingold: Incessantly Singing
118. Kenneth Bernard: The Plays of Rochelle Owens
124. J. Pyros: On Two of Rochelle Owens' Earlier Plays
127. Bonnie Marranca: 'Transformations'as Dramatic Technique in the Recent Plays of Rochelle Owens
132 Bibliography and Acknowledgements
134: Rochelle Owens: The Poet Is Magick

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