re presented
john fowler
october, 1996
beta version


Frames capability is required for viewing.

Please turn off link underlining, i.e., in Netscape 3.0 (for which this piece is optimized) go to Options/General Preferences/Appearance and under "Link Styles" deselect "underlined".

Then verify that your typeface is set to a 12 point font by going to Options/General Preferences/Fonts/Choose Font. I used Times New Roman during development and it will probably work best for you.

Please procede slowly and enjoy the multiple "readings"; filling all cells is not (necessarily) the "goal"; this is not a game.

There are multiple links within each frame.

To leave the poem use "go" on the Netscape tool bar.

You may move "back" within a cell/frame if it is "blanked" by clicking on the cell with the right button of your mouse. Using "back" and "forward" on your browser tool bar will not accomplish much but may give you some pleasure.

Reducing your browser menu bar to the minimum will make viewing easier.

For an explanation of the procedures used to create the "re-presentation" or to make comments, which are welcome, please send me an e-mail.

Please proceed.

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