An Interlude
in which Saint Rangelhold
Addresses Anyone Who'll Listen



a light in a tree
a hand in a crowd


now we will change directions
this time for good

what is the structure of heaven
it is a circle within a circle ad nauseam

if i am to stop and talk to you you must give me a reason
i am a busy man

h   z   y   k
l   r   p   t   m
u   u


what is the meaning of meaning

it is whistling when the thunder claps or pissing when it rains

did you get the groceries

i tried but they were closed

when i asked a man to consider theory he said
i will think on it when i have a spare moment


despair is an air you sing

sorrow is to row your boat nowhere

h is not t
i is not m

whatever was is & will be again



from gifs: The Martyrology Book(s) 7 &
by bpNichol

Sent by Eleanor and Sarah Nichol
with best wishes for a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year 1998.


Copyright © 1997 by Eleanor Nichol.

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