Three Poems


1) Words Must Be Spoken As Whole Units.
2) Tempo, Intonation & volume may be varried.
3) Phrases or words should not be sung nor should they be abstracted.
      They may be repeated, stuttered, etc. i.e. this piece is to be performed
      as if we were actors "reading" thru a play in front of an audience.
      Pacing and body language are encouraged tho the piece should not
      be regarded as a new "8 Part Suite."
4) Amount of time spent in each unit is up to individual readers.
5) All readers begin each of the three poems at the same time.


Four Horsemen, arranged by bpNichol.

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Copyright 1983 by The Four Horsemen.
Used by permission of Eleanor Nichol and Paul Dutton.

Light and Dust Mobile Anthology of Poetry