Cyanobacteria Publications


Cyanobacteria Publications

Experimentum Academiae Poeticae Aetheris
Edited by J. Lehmus

Glossolalia ~ Electronic Journal for Experimental Arts

The primary purpose of Glossolalia is to serve as an organ to cultivate experimental methods of creation in the spheres of various arts. This journal is not intended to be a static showcase of refined results of such experimental methods, or of any other type of arts entertainment.

Glossolalia promotes artistic communication and collaboration. It encourages eclectic creation of artistic projects and formulation of aesthetic ideas. It supports all manner of unorthodox, obscure methods of creation: cut-up, collage, direct or indirect violence to source texts, computer-generated writing, visual poetry, automatic writing, chance processes.

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Linguablanca ~ Electronic Chapbooks

Experiments in text.

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Cyanobacteria Publications
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4 May 1997

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