John Fowler - The Book of Fishes



John Ezra Fowler

(c) Copyright, 1969, 1993, John Ezra Fowler
Grist On-Line 1994

Some of these poems first appeared in Chelsea Magazine #30/31, 1972.

Author's Biography

John Ezra Fowler was born in Florence, Missouri in 1938. He learned how to fish from his grandfather and how to cast a fly from his father.

These poems were composed in 1970 near LaConnor, Washington where Mr. Fowler, and his wife Sara and their two sons, Ben and Matt, lived for a while in a cabin overlooking Skagit Bay on the Swinomish Indian Reservation. A fish weir ran diagonally across the inlet just past the little island that lay one-fourth the way across the bay in front.

"Oxygen Exchange" was added to the sequence in 1993.

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