A trial
-- and it would have been if the Web never existed--
at the very church where I was an altar boy
(back when it may have been exciting 20 years ago).

Do these folk walk their walks?
Dreaming of exit, I think you meant to say,
"Lord, it was everytime someone mentions
I look for


Eyeing empty chairs--maybe that one's got some padding!--the faces, an escalator that only goes up, nervous managers flopping about on your "page" like so many flattened flounders, the high ceilings, a sea of similarly unlike gentlemen when the word cunt-or is it hard to learn Latin--the whole mass--(and before priests got horny!).

Is this what they mean by "flashbacks"? It was like that reading, mon ami--on what planet I was at the reading you so flippantly pan. Tant pis. Thank God!

They still have a hard time learning to enjoy time, Ulysses, still think Rome or London or wherever and use the word, now non-word, penis--which is so much more we expect something.

Why the lag counting empty chairs and uncomfortable potential customers?

However, you didn't indulge that stuff--your words accompanied my father to mass this recent Christmas day.

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