Jim Leftwich

The Monkey Improvs

Notes from Jim Leftwich and J. Lehmus

isolations ice fish islands              waver randy crisis 
time triangle legs              worn shun itch iterates
fist waves range weaves              crisp tidal lens
worm spins awakened solvent              selvage beaded loaves
doubts hands ingesting              selves bed the lust
leaves equal letters leaks              leaps handle ambient

empire the trove dose candle circuit journey
a funeral of works trance ivory ever

green toll hues spasms shelf chatters hyacinth
sauce aced tort wings sage glower wanes 

latent crest wages groat lusts grid reproached
seized heel denotes worm cast urns roost 

boot lantern              spin bonds              tooth roots
like sandals              lens lathe               tread bones
saliva winged              redoubt mail               page or
throats edge              hooded wild              gravid woven
we street              stone sun              sea goggles
until against              rusts notch              intent ash
lame thoughts              clasts cringe              dancer rise

against bland pasts skies wash gems hold
hours glass later maze asks bold order

older saints the logical theme of ore
then stands beside ripe glands as thought

bursts wharves ravine ghost plastics planned alone
forgotten altitudes grass masks woven oral roots 

moon through faces              elusive radiates the grave
on the lichens dice              of salmon on
crevice folded beneath nights              wrists mutation cut
glance umbilical and              in a rage of
           silk and threaded              steel above the chances
           western breeze of the              asp the chosen

sash              the               on                size
glows              folded               hoisted                and
hoe              plan               plinths                dross
or              withstands               skies                a
spleen              the               bodies                cyclical
as              bone               rise                ament
hiss              alone               with                in
ascent aspics grieve the rancid cross of
the seizure once he ate dried souls

in woven soils               while the built was
sing again kneels on               when he made
his street saved by               a past we
chances icon gist               understand in blatant asks
            crushed tasks leverage               warm singed salvage
            gristle rage waves bastard               lancet seals torn

prolific seams to allow the empty grief to tell words spinning whole
is also the previous free from the risk of health
the current grace gust locus in old books the mantles disparity
a wooden moon sounds bloody from sitting without belonging
her forlorn triangular funeral quivers a pagan connection
young clothes thorn shortened to a thousand messages
the contemplation of increase among the warrior gods
wet with the flexible throat of a wandering breeze
the same fire dilation a messenger of grief
stem sacrifice oxen fever hectic body of corresponding tilts
birds occurring in the fruit of intricate knots an oracle of bloods whirlpool
fingers knead milk breads haze darkness woven with roaring dung
no evidence of sinews demeanors squat slips suit of thirsts
the full abnormal sect of quick perceptions


vandals shield vehement witness class even gown
towards densities local bathing the radars evening

diapason then gasping form wandered clans against
a truths wasted mist almost a lake

of ale sickened the logical morass of
sounds inward impasse once in a holy

boot of declassified              drier than the wavy
or drowned words the              dregs the easts
driest sin in the              thieves bath that
fast lane even              only gropes nasty as
the sun the forsaken seas of folded plans and the drier bowl of salmon

crashing              past
as              woven
he              chances
fused              glands
the              bones
bolder              homemade
plays              molten
           icons              shown
           theories              in
           amended              mails
           soul              revealed
           most               mentation
           stilted              serious
           dreams              garage
shaves              drone
pie              years
masked              headlines
wishbone              croon
asks              mass
only              to
anal              later

naves cries evenly lodged again it's only
bedtime alone through musty welded sheet woven

soup gravy and grey hash mangled to
a mash glancing skies alone the insidious

nests we intend as twisted ions the
ash groves thus aghast dire candy elan

sandwich venal              or thirsts
diced bed to              headed past chancy
mold crass tweeds diurnal              thighs phantasm blends again
chest cheese on              molten is the
latent toast               theory of
loss in headless beds shut out from total eyes or bedeviled fleece she

crusty gels              grovels play
indentured bones have              chance or the
awe some staves enfolded              smoking bandits class only
plans enrapture lately              goggles gravid scrying
sick as               in one
sense the astral handstand grows to a flashing doggerel a moulting size of me

seizer fetter method mode of stone hand imitation
scathe wounded dash sheltered before the scepter
sea gilt hurls too holds split scrolled loves golden lilies scat
hides gloss rent strip cleft scales pause fish the hips
of pain lies thigh turns to discern a scimitars claw
sand nail scintilla pierced by stars spark hearts scissors
knelt savage scoff rub shoves to scold resounds
she waists a hollow vessel to flay the rinds belted husk
hands scum dross of sung derision fish cut inflicted flax
stone loathe to fear shrinks scunner shun scouts pour taunts
waved thrust scowl cast eyes slink sculks truant aloof
dancing sews scratch scraped root rakes shear
laces of the shriek crawls trestle coarse sieve coming through
dusting in addled ditch screw vicious scribes


placing each             devilish trance               only assume
plastic thesis              assuaged in               the meanness
hidden worsens              wreaths grandmasters               of the
against thelema              embodied plans               skies eventual
that wooden              swerve and               votive dish
scents issue              thrash in               glassy ordered
to a              torrents that              as the

theme easter deals to vats last grave
sidereal and delicious suavely drier mists are 

lusting on their feet hymns alter sloughed
often inland masts wait disguises elastic latency

beholden to sleek nonsense as faked this
hoser we prance edicts wasp the sewers

in a
storm he
at last

ladles the
windless oven
some bland

saturday alone
lost in
that only

street states
body eyes
glottal evenings

given distrust
without heaven
and avid 

avoidance of
yeast evenly
delta ashtrays

entwine thespian
ashe and
flash thoughts

caste on
gravels sadly

august helical grasps mandible as is on
dangled sap its sanguine fast his gulfs

enfolded glossaries of pithy wisdom risks and
molded salvations bands castrated edens reveille same

harvest whorled in distended paste sex or
argyle testicles alluded grandstand hordes past same

wand rot              disco rust              ashen ghosts
strife the              a vatican              to save
rabid lemons              of sidereal              the molten
twist told              thieves marvelous              hex until
grey dented             as seeps              some holy
sends lisp              must we              gadfly adds
some wasted              glance past              grated dice

to sensation              and one              salsa egg
           rage blasts              waters understanding              sag
           stamens slather              these akashic              inlands
           target latex              lens text              as handle
           bent cobwebbed              in ions              lasting wisp
           only vandals              western in              the eyes
           agape is              sandwich they              repugn then

ghost sand sylvan infidel gabble arm gibbon humped
harvest hunch bent mock gape rashly fowl gizzard song
tense sing eagle vulture light light roving whirl at random
gorge seed fiddle titter cackle gaggle flirt pert fish
wishes stone gill chasm pint wine pitcher clove
harvest wimple gin to begin snare spirit horn
wave dance cotton dowry entrails smooth icy slope
aeons shining opening lake melts clouds sword
sudden egg swift lustre glaze splendor glint secretes
logical acorn kernel cast glands pellucid glimmer
like glass gleaming beam of thatcher clod
the golden sea the grave kite glowing slippery glen
stone lock common glider glitter sparkle shine
east clew heap tongue flatter glove


thermal folds of welded
streets dials walk through
lanterns season ashen as
the sense

of inland roles the
linkages anthems pass lost
in the ash of
dance what

fields or randy stands
stone hole least guilt
dangled in the lanterns
evening grave

distended dehiscent 
ties of the worsted
dice genetic angels same
tithes boot
hisses elude

wet wavelengths 
dissected disc hide bodies
desist throughout flashing glossaries
rows eaten
harvest wedding

tastes bland
nothings fondled scarves dirty
older handles bold saintly
wavers deltas
scathing love

let waste              folded dents              fast saves
dry west              lies distemper              dowsing at
of the              distancing edicts              trounced seas
lost weaves              on the              went down
sense or              sleeve so              to the
iron the              ichor rationed              past with
don'ts on              to a              rifle theses

           steadily legal              sermons sang              mass
ascending geisha              chants lashing              soil or
           plans moist              thickness telluric              sewage
as tooled              seasons seized              bodies driest
           onus golem              waiters hamster              sunbathed
whispers on              flat theca              wafers dice
           lodge savors              wand lattice              handsome

kitten stories mole lisp gnome role rampant
asp assume flat iron onion sighs bones

folded bandied west side chance or dialer
gain clast writhing gotham wavers dove old

grove diameters lathe the harpoon master ravaged
cave death musters the hex silly on

the diamond              bole ladle              sieve then
salads vase              the asters              marvel past
wantonly able              donation sandy              ism oz
trough listing              lickers slight             least waver
heavy seriousness              spoon troth              gassing breath
leak set              shone waviest              rusting seeds
gravel doors              gulden said              seta lust wain
the led tense tightly stretched supine spread
alto lift tone other alum metals either anagram
golden soft unfading flower breast abacus amber 
the latent pace appearing firm amethyst ammonia
that wave the salt temple of fossils shell horn shape
writhes ample talisman anesthetic
wielding word strike cede spelt anchor sign
sea lust recluse fish bier tumor hook
weave dancing ghost choke breath flower wind censure
shed disgust turn endue full courage herb
gift passion liquid chronicles yearly temper
once as vast as heat enamel blacken knit bind to glass
sun he annihilates like a ring gnawing the unguent arctic
hole agony of antic sprouts blossoms feelers sail


no lasts wake              on eland ducts
ends older lasses              metal tie juice
warn them doubt              edition tomb world
said stoner seethe              radon humus there
the toe a              lines fold within
latex diet bolder              streaks honed gradual
strands that writes              bodies tied in

gasps flounce molten              implex sigil as
           hallowed glands empty              mold or saga
beasts grieve bald              engagements gravid holes
           ravaged lanterns then              sone maybes she
lamps christmas plats              or movies taste
           dry goods weep              the humid breath
evenings gorgeous aspen              vocation he bolders 

ditty              went              kitten
masticates              ash              lapse
basted              rods              when
volutes              shade              rolfed
as              task              in
hollow              hidden              the
lonely              bosom              bends
diaper              sole              flashes
savvy              frills              of
or              on              the
deltoids              the              smiles
atheist              languish              spastic
chest              arise              mole
west              old              class

carved blindly              into whim              this open
           tsimtsum is              thin as              heavenly ogham
hardly desist western              as the past               symbolic dead or
           determined by soul
           healing left              with the              through at
the lower              rituals god              our differences
           wherever suffer              beasts divine              apollo

and egypt              host onus              sneers ancillary
during emotions               of rotary              suction amperes
lover then               anise toggles              digger golgotha
learned harlots               boggle the              mohave deist
deeds supplied               faces of              canasta symbol
lower cycle               soho while              directive lower
this rabid               sidewinders doubt              then love

heaven is equivalent domes of activities nature
signifying which the bower south symbol divine

aegis manifests through sighs elan theories on
sundays weighted lilt atbash second device defense

despite sculpture temples acropolis wisdom words linked
somehow is divine gods writing the gods

the ashed bloom insects shine choice cull
as teeth coal rotten strophes
undone horn hair orifice anvil
soot lilies fold from rising heart
the golden slowly summit
device is hewn crypt utter pact unknown
the lissome ply plum ripens thus in open use
love sudden arc curve hoop wheel duct
gloss sides on then conduit
he role like an eagle flourishes ploughed witness
weaved got weed dove judge orchard arch
sight toot vault ruler chiefs sacred rites
then soon few father northern fervor burns
wraiths on the arduous open silver sailed as swift


mauve clast ravine hopes written plan played usurious against
openly located thesis they learn

woven clans in local fidelities
groundless sound just as the smashed grave cries in

odes to lathered bone different in unwarranted origins docetic
language is understanding since boot

was oaken told stolen sales devoted wash
and hose this on the
silliest bean

emboldened by
bland unsung randy bodies assaulted
in waivers of the assumed steward the

astral tether hanging onto the wavelengths diurnal
economy drier rends felt own 
word depraved

as moldy scarves toward its
devilish wanders tree saints logical
nest folded seeds doubt

and bone rolled fainting
edicts nave delusions tweed dowel
warts asbestos tweeter truths anabatic

sunspot sampling giant waving encystments
goitrous delustrant glossa ascending the
ascidium segment as the

langite nucellus dielectric 
diencephalon saddles oncogenic
in ashlars endergonic
knib what ecology
doesn't is 

simultaneously world
dangerous or the
atmosphere the energy
exists as the
transformer language as

grammar agape that
opposition life's growth
solved words death
simply here our
spirituality level

art another vast dialogue the differences democratic
society of the advised general we deep

inheritance as explanation though said seemed safer
laws namely lot listing like still gods

ago generations relations acknowledge things essential time
the god idea so all of contrast

golden shoe sheaves rough woolen spinning roe
seed knelt stone bosom scuttle garment ship
as he thrown nook folds fastened to a flap
harvest shot lap bolt shoots threaded door
the sea flounce capers aim upon a cattle taunt
gift as the shuffle corn shovel duck
once scuffle streets for barbarous splendor
eve dancing on the sea storm sexes venomous bite
the endless curse shrew screech shrill traces of chest shrivel
on the grave grow smaller wrinkled fork shrink pine
brittle shrouds tense is devoid of shake shreds
hone disgust cut shock torn penance stunted rub
deluding the hand shore shrub heath cleaning sense
sex lilies tremble scrupulous shy to skittish hiss


       thaw              lightning              behalf
  watch              theatre              water
     delf              amphitheater              theorem
   so              island              wet
    sibyl              wattle              wallet
    alight              endure              theism
   apotheosis              enemy              wax
     sick              gesticulate              atheism 
  gesture              jest              register
       enthusiasm              suggestion              theocracy
      theogony              theophany              theurgy
      anathema              lighten              antithesis
       deliberate              lighter              wax
  apothecary              way              asylum

  advert epithet hallelujah 
      asunder beget lights
   delicate metathesis lighten
       parenthesis ligneous hallow
    energy synthesis ligule
     enervate delectable threshold
     ligure inhaled hoops
    of hubble whore 
       whorls whirl wharfs
   wine who wrestles
      ring rathes wrath
  writhes weak urge
  verge racks onerous
      alone anon any

atones ought lone nonce              omit abominate omen
once one only              laminas omelet omega our
sought voracious omnibus              laws alabaster allegiance the
science presents potent missiles              seems spirit blow
boasting said named deeply lancet incisions across the devils
viaduct habits voluble dew moistens

form a writing if under 
rope encamps beast from common
order it took the

desire to go crooked
for the sleep serpent to
be a prong the old

meaning was direction of a
journey a beginning with a
bell weapon bolt arrow

knob              the              same
as              the              shape
of              battle              skin
yawn              belly              door
gate              opening             to
the              jewel              turned
into              a              gauge
       what theatre will increase among the child 
 beliefs without origin by name is the
   banner grunt allied to the sonorous mistress 

past raised              meat eluded              moot against
clean washed              toggle negatives              down maybe
halogen soldiers              and grander              clans sewn
dance asks              only as              wants sold
tithe or              lyre grey              heavens seethe
lusts thermal              solder leaden              themes dice
cast on              margins thigh              of sudden

this logical             ox then              steeples sidereal
morale desists              radish sank              vespers and
outwards in              lash ware            altered in
scorns wavy              deist war             indigo wheels 
diet structures               syllogism doctor              by the
to web              well plus              branches of
theory ax              legumes in              the border

gave thin wine first quick full of cloth
once stripe gaze amazed to goat the tattle
as the harness goad sickle jelly frost
as tent as gem compass twin sex endogen
cast we increase and animal knee engender
once grave tool due clipped from genus crude
wasted vast indeed from supine birth of engine dupe
legs lineage anew earths orbit tillage cranes
in doves gloss and sand germ cousins
its east harvests fully heap of gestures record
then sand knelt seize reception
like stone harvest whorled sylvan stick
sex cooking a poem in vultures boat
whirling origins at random from the gift


From Tue Mar 26 01:01:22 1996

Here is the poem derived from your piece in Glossolalia. I've been playing with vertical as well as horizontal reading patterns, working through your text using syllabic and phonemic cues as the basis for improvisational readings/writings. The process generated quite a bit of text. I've organized it into stanzaic patterns using factors of 42 to determine the size and shape of the various units. Scattered throughout are quotes from your poem, brief phrases which might function as resonances of the original "melody".


"As the last leanest wave wishes", the piece to which Mr. Leftwich above is referring to, text generated with the linguistics program Monkey was published in Glossolalia issue 4. The following source text was used for Monkey's word entropy utility. It is a speller-generated "correction" of a cut-up text by myself.
    as have to a lady he on as on st wife den sending sa d gashing we sight led as the th es wishes and see as t wave d o devoid its eve dies on sands as on the golden sea last landmass don to t wine t asudden sands harvest wielding gloss n the e last harvest laden stays honeys engine the golden logicalness she used dies on sides eve wave handle lathe disc d golden sands island golden st wave danced the an golden sa theological e last heave dies answer dies on den sandstone as tooth lusting vehicle was t the as on the latent as then the teeth gashing sex lies holiest writhe sands n the as golden th these on legend knelt dies of downward die dye d on the dosing th last as endless dilemma that on the as tense is on cast wave die last wave dyeing then soot wave be deluding e disgust hideousness as east in that wastes location fast weave seethe ghostlike on headstand ss then save the late he doglegs is undone l wave d n lashes on o golden altos land golden st wa on the ash and sands dust is on in as taken is on the st was again sad di end is the lilies e dies eve di golden las as soon ave die sedition ss dove de golden sand love salvationists on the got wraiths o the a as the last writhe sand deltoids as t he least on lye gift riddle dies angled sage lasted soot soot washed-out sal on the the lean sides soot we dies de wave d the last wave dies on th dies once ashen sews in the agave hands unsatisfied to g ne on te dies heaviest sandstone gold wave dies on t wastes on aeons the thicken sanding stone some wasteland sandals wave dancing on be die dies on he sand role last as end the las olden sand last shoe wan see golden olden scathing the halogen sunshade lissom holed last he last wave end last to godly gorge waviness glossiest waist dies liken n sand be motive device gilt whole the golden sand ghost wave dies golden savage ends though laces on wave seedily as vast wave downcast we the as that the lean them golden den st she gold gave gravest is indeed thought be disengages the radiation sand goes an wave dies on theist dodge likeness oddly dies waved the a wave die golden as tone

GLOSSOLALIA 7: Copyright © 1996 J. Lehmus. All individual works Copyright © 1996 by their respective authors. All further rights to works belong to the authors and revert to the authors on publication.