Morning Glory

Three pieces

Subject: Bubble

The bubble is about to break
it trembles with delight
reflecting an iridescent
convex vista
a slippery quivering
of desire
the tensile skin
the perfumed void

on 24th April Judie wrote:
>>The bubble is about to break

Subject: text

I'm shot full
with chronicles of lust
an index of passion
volumes of
your history
the soft flood of your exploits
journals, diaries
hand written letters
pages torn from schoolbooks
odd jottings
a doodle
a spurt of warm worry
reminiscent of bicycles and wet legs
the sweet lurch of success
in honeyed summers
the beached ambitions
worn smooth and flat
the italic presence of brown ink
a weight of words
the progress of your pen
through reams of dreams
the riffle of pages
distant, muted
your sadness
pushing the margins
filling me up

Subject: Re: Perfume

Heaven scent of her sent in the trapped panties the wrapped smell. Oak and moss damp dank sweetening with soft aroma soma. Musky cunty sub-smell, dried smell, smokey smell, girl-scent. Her-smell packed well sealed scent, sucked scent. Cooped smell up wind scent of her. Coiled curled smell soaked in her. Under smell, deep scent troughed smell. My girl her panties heaven sent. He pulls down her text, nose pressed to gusset, sheathed by her oestrus.


J. Lehmus

Traces (on Morning Glory)

Perfume sent in the trapped well-sealed scent,
glory vibrated demonic smell, smoky smell, Morning Glory
d panties the wrap panties heaven sanctified of poppy.
------------------Set, sheathed by her yes soft aroma seam. Dank sweetening wraithlike curled snail Writing,
girl-scent. Her-some

d smell up wind ------------------Musky candy
. He pulls down hymnal packed
Haikus (1665-1718ent of her.
Oak and moss damp ------
l soaked in her. Nudism-smell, dry------
rubbing it out
smell. My girl hear text, nose
Heaven scent of he)
sucked scent.

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