Craig Czury

Shadow / Orphan Shadow

my shadow is an old man who can't sleep at night


i was born from my mother
and my shadow was born from my mother's shadow

i was the second gift

its whole life (so far) hugging the earth


fed and grown at the nipple of the breast shadow

i also feed and grow dark at the shadow
of the breast shadow


because of my shadow
i have never understood
in the beginning was the word


when i take the leap
will my shadow take the leap as an act of love

and grow wider on the ground when i fly
to get a better view


so busy (guilt and regret)
with all it has trespassed

please forgive us our trespasses
your bright space with no warning


angel of the chalkline corpse


in the middle of day i looked down

my shadow was holding a suitcase


flat on its face in mud
stretched out on its back
reading its face in clouds

i don't know whether to
pick it up by the scruff of its neck
or offer a smoke


imminent death

shadow of a cloud flooding the shadow of a poet


you raise your voice
and raise your hand to strike me

i raise my voice
and raise my arm to block
then punch

shadow mouths wide for singing
and wreck the room in dance


From Sun Jun 16 22:38:47 1996

That poem sequence was also performed in Wilkes-Barre by mime Joel Gori dressed in black kabuki death garb against a wall in front of a floodlight with me reading from the shadows...each of us a shadow from the shadows...shadow voice wide for singing and wreck the room in dance.

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