G l o s s o l a l i a
Electronic Journal for Experimental Arts | 4 | February 1996

Editor: J. Lehmus HTML & graphic design: J. Lehmus Hardware advice: A. Koltsoff aka Cray'Z Russian

in•for•ma•tion, [ME: a forming of the mind < ML, L: idea, conception]


I understand that in order to continue the development of this publication, it is necessary to proceed in two separate directions simultaneously. My intention is to create the WWW and e-mail versions of Glossolalia as two distinctly different publishing projects shaped by the advantages and limitations of their respective mediums.

Still, this publication remains a journal for experimental arts, and not specifically electronic arts. Much of the material featured in this number of Glossolalia was produced, or at least transported, without a computer. I want to continue this mixing of "old" and "new" media. Indeed, it is readily possible to replicate, mutate, and merge the material images and texts within the electronic matrix, creating hybrid works. (Should we call this kind of hybridisation as ematerial art? Something that is moving between the worlds of "material" and electronic creation? Ematerialism.)

I do not think cyberspace as totally independent, autonomous sphere that is isolated from, and is in contrast with, the "material" print culture. Cyberspace is not the antithesis of Galaxia Gutenberg, it is just bluntly a "different part of its body", a part that belongs to this body, the body of writing.

One must think cyberspace as a semi-material state between the dream and the real: a hallucination in which one is capable of moving in two worlds with a considerable depth.

"Electronic art", the banal term. We are not developing computer-aided design for the "real world", but a cyberspace emanation of Art, Science ... Magick.

You don't need to search for the esoteric in cyberspace. There is nothing to search for. Cyberspace itself is totally magical. The message might not appear as magical, but the very medium is transcendental. Understanding the electronic world is the alchemical Great Work: understanding the Magic of letters and images, the Magic of bytes and pixels. Astral plane in TrueColor.

Let us dream the lucid language.

J. Lehmus

Helsinki, 14 February 1996



CI Acad. Poet. Aeth., J. Lehmus, Stenbocksv. 24, 02860 Esbo, Finland


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