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                      G L O S S O L A L I A

            Electronic Journal for Experimental Arts

                     Issue 4 - February 1996


     Publisher:          CI Acad. Poet. Aeth.
     Editor:             J. Lehmus
                         Stenbocksv. 24, 02860 Esbo, Finland
     Hardware advice:    Aleksandr Koltsoff


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     CI Acad. Poet. Aeth., J. Lehmus, Stenbocksv. 24, 02860 Esbo,





     \ Eight poems by Stephen Thorne
     \ Cybergrail, by Ficus strangulensis
     \ as the last leanest wave wishes, as generated by J. Lehmus
       on Monkey (program by Jacques B.M. Guy)


     \ "Glossolalia" JPEG image by J. Lehmus



    I understand that in order to continue the development of
    this publication, it is necessary to proceed in two separate
    directions simultaneously.  My intention is to create the
    WWW and e-mail versions of Glossolalia as two distinctly
    different publishing projects shaped by the advantages and
    limitations of their respective mediums.

    Still, this publication remains a journal for _experimental_
    arts, and not specifically _electronic_ arts.  Much of the
    material featured in this number of Glossolalia was
    produced, or at least transported, without a computer.  I
    want to continue this mixing of "old" and "new" media.
    Indeed, it is readily possible to replicate, mutate, and
    _merge_ the material images and texts within the electronic
    matrix, creating hybrid works.  (Should we call this kind of
    hybridisation as %ematerial art%?  Something that is moving
    between the worlds of "material" and electronic creation?

    I do not think cyberspace as totally independent, autonomous
    sphere that is isolated from, and is in contrast with, the
    "material" print culture.  Cyberspace is not the antithesis
    of %Galaxia Gutenberg%, it is just bluntly a "different part
    of its body", a part that belongs to this body, the body of

    One must think cyberspace as a semi-material state between
    the dream and the real: a hallucination in which one is
    capable of moving in two worlds with a considerable depth.

    "Electronic art", the banal term. We are not developing
    computer-aided design for the "real world", but a cyberspace
    emanation of Art, Science ... Magick.

    You don't need to search for the esoteric in cyberspace.
    There is nothing to search for.  Cyberspace %itself% is
    totally magical.  The %message% might not appear as magical,
    but the very %medium% is transcendental.  Understanding the
    electronic world is the alchemical Great Work: understanding
    the Magic of letters and images, the Magic of bytes and
    pixels.  Astral plane in TrueColor.

    Let us dream the lucid language.

         J. Lehmus

         Helsinki, 14 February 1996

    been omitted, due to the lack of time; and I have lost the
    count on the received material in any case.  Apologies.


Eight poems

by Stephen Thorne


                        the blue's not real(however
                        has been real.just
                        also whiteness over
                        )eeding bleach(y flesh)
              ings/the beach on the other
                        hand offers
                        copious momounts of beige
    fawn brown
                        from the sewage outfall
         colours the crystal sandings
                        )from the black heart of britain
                        -a blood of it's own
                        true volition


    like the soi-disant sun this
    so-distant son of kinds,
    to the frown

    Of recurrent nightmares luged(the
    loop now) redolent or opport
    uni  tie  sun
    seized  -hello-  I've come

    to invade your lebens
                        raum-the painfall
    -fold wretched breathed
    bee  nee

    them solves crypt
    iclues Igloos in mind
    the ice-floed trip-tych
    dalliance issued in west-

    send palare  polari
    polaris  polar eyes  polarized, the
    planet Venus as moaning
    star hangs      darkling.


    I ran blue
    the streets

    of the fire and
    into the frying pan)

    the slimy trail
    of the snail

    wrote of following
    where the heart leads
    or was it against
    or was it bleeds?
    The shell cracked
    for sure
    and out oozed
    flights of fancy;

    they throw interesting shapes

    an Angel and a Devil

    damn this insularity

    damn this insularity.


    faith throws us further apart
    Fate draws us
                             closer away



    of religious fervour


    laps upon shores
    further away.

    That you can miss.
    or saunter past (passed) over

    We will never find it.


    the Widow.Love

    alive in shagpile me
    hurting you shipping the
    pink misfortune that is
    sea and every shoreshape
    that surrounds(it)baby

    mist in deliquescent(mystery )
    bodies foam unrestful
    souls with an axe to

    sparks splinter off every which
    way but towards the true
    stars that

    pretty deluge of unknown
    constellations drug me
    down and now I slumber
    peacefully beneath a
    duvet of crimson clotting
    death breath


    the yapping of oak
    bruised to extract
    fallen from the
    very bright
    the colour of wool
    a young monster
    it's call a wilting
    a paste or hard
    cake dark
    brown is the menstrual
    or natural stillbirth
    which provides burnt
    o'olock where
    it should have been
    incline to red
    or yellow mix
    it sunburn to
    somebathe or roast


    snatches a day
    m.rinse  ?the
    myriad cluster)pin
    of crocii
    (h)ated edges in sunfloweryellower
    violet:the violencesignorbreath
    for the gotten time
    and sanch(o)north
    wind blue
    the doorshut justlike silver whoremarks
    crinkles in the celestial palm
    where nasturtiums wilt


    Easter poem
    the garden tools Jerusalem
    a visual aid
    six years of finest grade
    old gaze
    (two short one tall
    )next in lime
    -the pickling jars
    and russed
    dipper the headswim thought crank can
    what the sewage gems



by Ficus strangulensis

    Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 13:57:43 -0400
    To: Jukka Lehmus 
    From: far@medinah.atc.ucarb.com (Forrest Richey)
    Subject: CyberGrail [Mark I]
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as the last leanest wave wishes

as generated by J. Lehmus

on Monkey (program by Jacques B.M. Guy, 1991)

    23 different characters, 2142 total characters.
    Capitalize OFF. Strip high bit ON. Spaces ON.
    Active letters are:
    Character monkey, order 4, says:

    soot shoe wave disgust we dies the last wave disgusting e
    lean wav e hands heave downcast heavies on the lissom hole
    las on th las on ave dyeing the last wave disgust lands
    undon the d golden st leanest sand sa d on the a s the on
    the land gashe asudden sages ending e device grave dodge
    engage lean the tone thought last legs is that we
    salvatisfied lastes shes on tone golde n sandals wine saved
    last wast as soot salvation the lilies an soot wave dile mma
    the he laces on aved as toot wine sends unshaden n last shoe
    wavies dove  be dies ands unsation sunsatisfied the lastes
    wave dies on the golden sunsati on is on he sand ss shed the
    st we dies eve be d the last as the ghostlike on sedition
    the sideousness o den o t wraiths on in them golden legend
    golden s age laces on the got wraithe d out sands t hands in
    stone sage wave golden se e godly godly as tent as answer
    dies again sand last dies an was th them gold en sandmass th
    lathicken scathe as as golden olden st lean theological e
    den  sand die liken sands as though lust wave de wast wavine
    goes ashe landstone godly golden altos last wave to a last
    weavies on toot soon though laces on th die liken seed
    device golden sight be danced logicalness deluding the
    radiatisfied the lathe sal on last wriths on scationists on
    the engage liken then s t headstand late dove dancing we st
    shese on the as the used ashing gloss glo ss shoe wishe lean
    golden sand landstands then stone on stone ghostliken n th e
    lies oddly dies wife dies glossiest sand logicalness anglegs
    in as tent as  taken o theists eve dancing gloss on sides as
    on he late dily gold wave thing sand sand kneltoid is on st
    wave dancing vehickeness dust whole the gilt was hen lady he
    a last we sands n latent as o den save the as theological e
    diest doglegs is on sandals wielding vehicle last winess as
    eve downward den n loc athing the radiationists eve dies on
    th gashing sand sands again as sooth th  diest waist whole
    laden sal e lathicken theologicalness of downward device as
    on in toot wholies o de lasteland die like on be downward
    diest in as on fas t as eve diest wave d n the legs is on
    theist writhe lathing that on he golde n as th es on as the
    the a as taken see as olden sands an the dye golden sal  on
    ashing the used dies oddly golden stays he last wave dancing
    sandstoneys h one lade golden is on the e doglegend gold
    ghostliken see goes on wast sal e  devoids unsation
    sideousness dodge wave die last handstone as on leaness done
    ys headstandmass soon the late have dies eve be dodge end
    its on be dies hone though lust wielding st shoe wavest
    wavies andstays he lash angled to a ash  answer dies hone
    sideousnest we tent as o t wishen aeons the as goes on thes
    agave diest sanding e lean sanding vehicle diest led to gold
    gashe t wave di  end ghost we st shese on last as t theist
    headstand gash answer dies on as on fast wave end gave
    golden is the the as glossies on standless shed out soon  t
    as tooth dies on be device golden st leastes dust legs
    indeedition tone a w ave diest wave d golden sands t ashes
    lathicken ss agave wave dancing on the  golden sand its e
    las on be dogled ss agave dyeing on tense on the as t the l
    andstone goes to a lashing e doglegend golden sides o g ne
    last wraithe teeth e led toot wavest lean was to g ne grave
    d on wave halogicalness golden sand  sand sands hone sand
    lathing sea last as theist hideousness again t that the  las
    that on den send is the to a wave danced ss teethen savages
    handmass gold en sands answer dies ands t he as hands t to
    that on as on the leaness n the  lies eve dies on be motive
    dies glossies oddly as the the as easted dies on t hat on
    cast wave sideousness die lissome wave diest wishes dusting
    on as teet he as the as end ss glossies o then island last
    late disgusting e lastes on l ady he golden tense is teethen
    as takeness dosing we dancing e dies was the s ews in st on
    he last lady he endless o then stone sand sad dies hone th
    lusti ng that on the st wastes oddly dies glossies eve teeth
    gave disgust wriths on heavies on ave devoid its east
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    sand gashing though lastes on cast on th gave end ss n love
    sad dies oddly as t he last he gold gashese is in sands is
    on sands n sand its e ngine last he golden as golden as
    glossies end last wriths on as on t was end golden
    salvatisfied sands downcasted den last wave dies on olden
    save harves t wholed that on the a waist disend sandstone
    sex lies agave thicle legen lye golden sanding the gorge
    last wave hand got wife de grave dilemma the as t w ave d
    golden stays end dies lissome wast waved disc d n th lusting
    salvatisfi ed on the the sides eve harvest indeed the seeth
    lust we dance as t wash an g oes agave de golden sand sex
    lissom hole lean godly gold godly die late hands n sunsation
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    golde n stand gashing the ashese island golden sa though
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    on he th landals wast in th es agave end sa nds ands undon
    the as oddly as onced die golden lye grave heave seeth
    lusting them golden led the as the die dies on legend is
    them golden st wielding san dals wa on though latense is on
    ashe on the as tense island roled the liken s a the last as
    th last in the as on sand got wielding on sandstoneys hole
    lean the gilt doglegend that the latent as eve wave
    disending vehicle dies on the lasted dies angled to g ne got
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    rol e te harvest we dies wastelands n the as endle last wave
    dily golden sand gol den st wave deltos love dies on scathe
    last wave diest waist the last wave te nse on aeons the d o
    golden den n lye disending e dancing e dies on that wave
    sews is o the radiation to a last wave dosing that once a
    wave d to a last w rithe the seedily dilemma the lean golden
    sandmass as to a as ending seeth ga shing sand gashing sal
    on sand ghostlikeness te hand sengage latent as tooth  es on
    see godly diest on the as got wave hands den sunshaden last
    wishes on t hat the a wave die dodge wave sand late
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    gold wave dies od dly as the the harvest last savage wave
    teeth lusting the sex lilies on the t h disend role lady
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    t we st as on the radiation sand last wave diest wav e d n
    last wave end golden lastes wan the d out sandstone seeth
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    lilies olden st wave some wave dies oddly die d gashing
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    thicle dies gloss the last hands d usting salvatisfied last
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    is undone on fas t wave sa then sea last wave dies angled
    them golden soot wave die lilies on  sand dies lies
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    the last wave dies wave d the lissome wavest was hole lissom
    hole wielding the dies theist is o n love wishe as asudden
    see golden sideousness gloss golden sides on then st  lady
    he liliest waviness golden sand role last wave den that
    weave d got we d ove disc d golden st waved sad de golden
    sight be d n the las to g ne last le d th es hands toot sad
    dies as then sand soon cast lash and golden sight last
    wraiths on th lathe lies and di gold wave dies as on wave
    downward dies of d odge last writhe an wave d gave be dies
    halogen th then sand ss dogled as the sands as vastes once
    as that the ghost was ending on deluding on sandless n  the
    golden logen asudden as as the sandmass die sed as tent as
    on den in the  on cast we d thicle land the die dye golden
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    vasted last indeed ss doglegen sews indeedily ashe n stand
    golden st was on that on see a wave deltos lissome wast legs
    in salvatisfied thes on ave dove de golden ss gloss and sand
    golden sand its eastelan d ss n th last harvest wielding on
    avest last wave wave dies logends in the a s then sand knelt
    wave dies easted the like on stone then last harvest wholed
    sand sex lissom holies on lye d o g ne lastes on the latense
    is oddle least  wife dyeing the on as soot shes on the gift
    riddly golden ss golden ss shoe w ave dodge last wave sandle
    wave golden scation seed den st dies as and sand k nelt di
    ending vehicle lastelandless as he disengage e last dogled
    them golde n st we sa d onced dies harvest wave devoids n
    the an wave don he on fastelan d to them golden sea lashe de
    gift riddly as the leaness de golden sands he g olden the
    last shoe wave dies on sal e die sanding onced salvationists
    eve di e sand be motive dancing on thes last he asudden sea
    last soot wave sa d o th e las the endless as t hides on the
    soot we t wave diest wishen olden st hide s on th the grave
    den led lady he th dies an tense is on that wave devoid is
    is of downcast lean washes hone on olden as answer disgust
    wave deluding the  late hand sands dies dove downward dies
    on he sand sand sex lilies location t h gave devoid its
    oddless n st hideousness n that to the as engine the st led
    las th the as that wave delt downcast he lands as the last
    writhe ands as en ds n then n sand last wave diest he lean
    sideousnest as the lies last heave d ies anglegending seeth
    them golden sandmass dogled ss ands dust wave de wave  dies
    on late hand roled the dye gilt wielding the least wishen
    altos love die dies golden save dies on be dies dosing on
    altoid its olden sa th lusting gl ossies on tooth gashese on
    the gold gold ghostliken o golden



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JPEG image by J. Lehmus



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