Edward Dorn

Three Poems


Edward Dorn

(from "Saluki's Soliloquy")


A piece of celery
a head of broc
a carrot stick
a cauliflower stock;
crude vegetal tools
in the hands
of the knuckle-walkers.

REPULSION--Superbowl '95

"Out of the Slot!"
(watch your language!!)

"Beautifully timed pickoff!"
(he takes his dick out
and waves it at the crowd)

"Even if you're a Charger fan
you've got to admire greatness!"

(nonsense, I'm a Charger fan
and I puke on greatness--

House Arrest

January 25th, 1995--the New Dole

From now on,
I'm under House Arrest--
I only get out for the job:
Then, Death--the ultimate
House Arrest, the ultimate duree--
But it was worth it.

Original version--

From now on,
I'm under house arrest--
I only get out for the job;
Then Death--the ultimate
House Arrest.

These three poems are an orginial GRIST On-Line publication.
© copyright 1995 Edward Dorn

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