aka Dj Glove
interviewed by fLUX rECORDS
March 1, 1997, New York City

It's real important to have a bio or something so the record industry knows who you are. Could you answer a few questions about you and your project?

What like?

Like why "Dj Glove"? Where do you get Glove from? Why didn't you use your real name?

Dj means specialist the same way Dr. means specialist. Doctor Glove, Senator Glove, Mr. & Mrs. Glove and Glove Jr. Names are social addresses. The email address "" reminds me of names like "John Of Brighton." I decided to press it into a concrete identity. A computer server assigned username "glove" from it's random character generator.

You mean you got the name from a server?

Yeah. Everyday there are more computer generated identities waiting to be let loose in the real world through people. I wanted a chance to explore this first hand.

How can you call Tuning a Dj record if you've replaced the groove with a recording of a woman tuning a piano? Who's gonna dance to it?

I think tuning a piano as a musical performance is very direct. Dj's should have the chance to be honest about what they like and put that together as a Dj record for a mix. In the end we are delivering our own tastes to the public. I want Dj's who enjoy the concept of something this simple and overlooked to have direct access to it when they mix records. Maybe another Dj will press a record of something they think is rare too.

What about making money?

What about making money? "The rent must be paid." Meanwhile, this project is in your face because it's about doing something new with a release.

The music industry is a business. How do you justify indifference to that issue?

As a project, indifference justifies itself.