You want to win no matter what. Whatever it takes, winning is everything. Nobody loves a loser. Nobody wants a nothing. So you calculate. You have to go out and get it. I mean they're not going to just give it to you. Leastwise not until you're already a winner. Then they throw it at you. It's a release for them, I mean they give it to you to show it has no power over them. Or they give it to you because you deserve it. I mean, you're a winner, you see. You deserve it.

But you have to watch out because things change. Maybe you're not really a winner. Maybe you're not as good as what they thought. Maybe you better lay back, not expose yourself. You can still win, they just won't know it.

Or maybe you're a loser. Maybe you like it. Who knows? I'm not inside your body. Maybe it feels good to lose, to give up the struggle, to admit you'll never win. After all, the game is stacked in favor of the winners and someone's got to lose. If you're in the basement you can't fall from the top. It's a lot safer and you're bound to survive.