Close Up

September, 2001

Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense, Denmark

The image of the Cuban leader was projected on a large wall. We used two slides of the same image, placing one inversely in relation to the other in the projector. As the images were projected, one after another, a certain movement from left to right was generated. We sat in front of the projection, just about 30 centimeters from it. We were so close that the image also fell on us, integrating us into it. We sat in the kind of folding chairs that are usually used during political events in Cuba. We also both wore glasses. We sat there for two hours without moving. During that period, the public circulated through the room, and would stay for a while until they satisfied their desire to see the image and then they left silently.

Our idea was to create a metaphor with this minimal piece: anyone can sit in front of someone, whether that person is a political leader, an artist, a friend or a lover. There is always a mind that can absorb us up to the point that we lose the sense of time and space.

Sandra Ceballos and René Quintana.

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