The War of the Worlds is a binary composition of ideological fight for human perception for 4 screens. Audience is simmultaneously exposed to multiple streams of meaning emitted from two virtual reality worlds: HOSTS and L-void.

HOST's are materialized memes, they fight for digital materialism against L-void, a grammar-like system of of recursive spatial patterns which fights for ideal clarity of it's implicit meaning. Both worlds emit spatial sound fields.

Just like in real world spatial forms are competing for the territory, perceptual forms fight for the regions of our perception. "Language" of perceptual architecture acquires the form of the world which fills the shell of the image of "real" with a transparent matter of synthetic spatiality. Unlike physical architecture which deploys its semantic structure in predefined spatiality, perceptual architecture directly emits its meaning into adio-visual streams of forms and frequencies.

HOST's are constructed by basicray.
Basicray worlds were presented at International Symposium of Electronic Art (Chicago, Rotterdam), Netbase (Vienna), Museum of Video Games (Tokyo, Berlin), Blasthaus Gallery (San Francisco).
Chun-Chi Wang - 3D design
David Michael - sound design
Vladimir Muzhesky - 3D architecture
Uschi Reiter - 2D design

L-void is constructed by
Dietmar Offenhuber - 3D design architecture, Futurelab
Markus Decker, - sound design, Jomasounds

Sneack preview of HOSTS at
Blasthaus Gallery, San Francisco, Dates: December 1st