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<eyebeam><blast> Closing Statement

Do processes end? When did this forum really start? Was it three months
ago, was it only yesterday? Or a long time ago? One of the most
difficult things for me -for this person that writes here, in front of
this screen, in front of a window, a cloudy sky- it is to understand not
only intellectually but also emotionally the experience of finitude.
What is at stake in an end? And specially in the case of a forum like
this, that has produced such massive transferences among its
participants thatthe purely intellectual - rational - aspects of it are
simply surpassed by emotions. Jordan mentioned sadness and reliev, and
by doing that, he alluded to the experience of mourning. Mourning, and
loss, and the emergence and transformation of a community. I think that
the eyebeam forum was fundamentally about these incredibly complex
experiences. It was not just about them, but it made us go through them


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