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<eyebeam><blast> Closing Statement

On behalf of the cast of

Yves Fissiault - Electrical engineer and secret artist
Mia L'amar (a.k.a. Myra Learner) - Blacklisted Sci-Fi movie star
Dr. Prof. Octavio Ruiz de Leon - Engineer and Neurophysicist,
       Interim Curator of Paleontology
Thomas Pynchon - Writer, never "just" an avatar
Dr. Lee A. Mavere - Cultural Geographer
Bodo Muscotti - Physicist
Arthur Black - Art historian
Guest appearances by - Emmy Hennings,  Andre Breton, Theodor Adorno,
Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Edward O. Wilson, Donna Haraway, Evelyn
Fox Keller, Mark C. Taylor, Duane Griffin, Alan Turing, Frank Zappa, Joy
Garnett, Bill Jones, Marcel Duchamp, Jay Forrester and others.

I would like to personally thank all the Eyebeam participants for their
interventions and interactions, and I would especially like to thank my
fellow co-hosts,  Greg, Brian, Carlos, Olu, and Andreas for their
generousity and grace in allowing me to quote them out of context again
and again. As Jordan Crandall said in a private posting, "It's an
experiment." I would also like to thank all the quiet voices, the
listeners on the list.

I have been asked to write a "closing statement". But I think what I'm
going to do instead is serve us a huge (virtual) pot of my (now famous)
Cajun shrimp etoufe' on rice (which a few of the Eyebeamers have
actually had the pleasure of eating in real life) and the music is
playing and conversation is beginning, small talk, flirtations, and more
people are coming and bringing more food, and people are greeting each
other and kissing hello, and their lips are burning a little with spice
and nobody cares that they're sweating, and conversations spin off into
a few, small deep issue clusters, and the music is playing and people
are dancing (thanks to DJ Spooky) and the film outakes of Mia L'amar are
being shown on the back wall, and somewhere in a tiny corner of a room
is the blue glow of a CRT, and the door swings wide open and Vitruvius
comes dancing through, swirling a feather boa, throwing carnations and
beads and kisses.

To Life.

Ever onward,
Eve Andree Laramee

Sculpture Faculty
Sarah Lawrence College
Bronxville, New York

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Interview with Jordan Crandall

"And why shouldn't I invent some way,
 however fantastic and contrived,
of talking about something,
without someone having to ask
 whether I'm qualified to talk like that?"
-----Gilles Deleuze, "Negotiations"
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