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<eyebeam><blast> drawing machines

I invited an artist who had never worked with new technology to make a 
piece for the world wide web.  He was cynical, doubtful as so many
artists are about the internet as a mode of communication and
expression.  But the work he eventually made was a witty and poignant

He decided to build a drawing machine and every day on the web site the
story of the making of this drawing machine unfolded.  The workings-out,
the blueprints and eventually the physical making of the machine.  

Over a period of days, the artist took us through the long and arduous
process of making art in space and time.

The drawing machine was a big and hefty contraption.  There was no doubt
that this machine occupied space and would take time.

Just as it is dangerous to sign up to a notion of a disembodied humanity
as Coco so eloquently articulated, we surely cannot sign up to a notion
of a disembodied art, drifting somewhere out there in cyberspace (or
should I say, in here).

The physical process of making art and its anchoring in lived
experience, in space and time, is perhaps what Indika's Drawing Machine
is all about.

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