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Re: <eyebeam><blast> the Net as medium/Other

Saul Anton writes
>  Yet, is art communication?  No.    So one has to tread lightly here.
He goes on,
> Can one say that the postal system is a new medium for
> making art?   The net, we can't forget, is essentially about sending
> and
> receiving information and data, coded in one way or another.  Art, or
> the arts, on the other hand, are not essentially informational, but  
> phenomenal

What is art if it's not communication, expression of a concept?  To
regard the net purely as medium is perhaps too easy; in this case tool
(mechanical means of creation) and medium (mode of expression) are one. 
And yes, the postal system can certainly be a vehicle for artists; mail
art has quite an international tradition. 

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