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A very much appreciated list, "watched" by those who have little time to
contribute, or who may be on other lists etc.,(precipitating mechanical
difficulties). Thank you.

Following "Immaterial Design", the design of events, experiences over
time (rather than products in space), dematerialisation, changing values
coincidental with transition to an information community.

Emergent approaches to problems are in essence the telematic future.
Truths of one system do not necessarily translate into another.

Derrick de Kerkhove (1995) has described the integrated electronic media
environment, as a collective emotional system (fluctuating patterns of
stimulation and reversal), as a halfway consciousness(comprehensive
mediation between self and world, our brains and the stuff of life),
collective consciousness, intelligence. And insisted the fundamental
issue of globalization is consciousness.In his publication (1995) "The
Skin of Culture: Investigating the New Electronic Reality",
> the reversal of objective and subjective realities of cognitive agents

(in an active hyperconscious in permanent flux), the point-of-being
(as well as fragmentation, decontextualization and recombination),
>the inconspicuousness of paradoxical speed people at the centre of
things who do not move, the suspension of disbelief in reverse (reality
media and culture),
>the strategy of transforming culture in times of violent psychic
(the oppositions of mutation and moulting),
>the fundamental psychological restructuring of our collective and
personal minds (in transparency, instantaneity and intelligent
>the gradual removal of interfaces (conscious, unconscious, visceral,
>the imperative in the cultural trauma of new technologies, precision in

knowing who we are and knowing what we want.

De Kerckhove, Director of the McLuhan Programm in Culture And

Norma C.Wagner

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