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Re: <eyebeam><blast> the museological and the urban

Dear Simon,

I will try to respond suscintly to some of your points. Koolhaas does
not mention mnemonics in his intervention at the MoMA colloquium about
the expansion of the Museum -that is the place where Hans Ulrich Obrist
took his quote from. I was quoting Koolhaas as quoted by Obrist. The
idea of thinking of the exhibition as an institution and fundamentally
one engaged with the urban, is something that I have been writing on
since the last six months or so -- if somebody reads Russian, there was
a "Tipology for the Future Exhibition" published in the most recent
issue (19-20) of the Moscow Art Magazine edited by Viktor Misiano. In my
view an art exhibition is always dealing with memory at some level. The
possibility of inscribing contemporary art history in the urban has also
been adresssed by many recent shows - the last Documenta was probably
one of the most ambitious and unsuccessful in this respect. The notion
of memory engraved in the city comes from mnemonics, of course, but is
also evident everywhere. The old section of Rome is one of the best
examples for me of a city where the urban equals memory equals art. Of
course, art was at the service of power there, so the attempt to
develope a counter-spectacular model of exhibition comes to the
foreground. I proposed Lygia Clark's work as a model of embodied memory
--and here you can establish a parallel with de Certeau.

I hope these brief comments help clarify my previous ones.


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