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<eyebeam><blast> Barthes Remix


Sjoukje van der Meulen is
>Looking forward to your comments,
(.....TO BARTHES "A Lover's Discourse")

>sensitive thought
>about  (Roland Barthes) own
             for the discourse of Lovers, a
>fundamental question about the essence (of)
"The amorous catastrophe"
(which has been called in the)
"psychotic domain, an *extreme situation*
 >flux or mobility
>a permutational unfolding
>a theory is desirable.
"Bring your lips to mine
           so that out of my mouth
                          my soul may pass into yours"
>lay bare 'the inside of the fragment',
'the internal
(is not a fragment)
>'chemically.... 'belonging
I have no skin
(except for caresses)
whose existence exceeds the fragment'.
>still one can not say,
>Barthes concludes,
>the...instant and the movement
>permutational play
étorché / flayed
     I am rendered vulnerable,
     defenseless to the slightest injury
>and the aleatory combination,
> that should be theorized
           "I love you"
has no meaning whatever;
it merely repeats the
                      enigmatic code,
>the slight differences,
>the alteration, variation,
>permutational calculations(.)
It comes out of language,
it divagates---where?
by mysterious mathematical algorithms
>on the basis of a sample,
So I accede,
                  to a language without adjectives.
>(... even at the speed of a virus)
"When my finger accidentally..."
any interior discourse
>stilled and accelerated (it)
(makes me believe that) it
has become necessary to think
"a fever of language...
                              a parade of reasons..."
> the basic material, like the
filmstill for film,
>in the hands of a
>permutates and plays.
>Sampling...a sampler is someone
>who collects
"Every object touched
by the loved being's body"
>mixing, morphing and/or deforming them,
pitching...up and down, and
rendering them into something


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