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<eyebeam><blast> the museological and the urban


on 8 April, you wrote:

>The issue of memory becomes then fundamental. I like Koolhaus
>suggestion that the museological and the urban can become the same. In 
>a previous intervention I suggested the possibility of replacing the 
>institution of the museum with the exhibition as an institution. If 
>that is possible, it would rely entirely on the city as the priviledged 
>reservoir of memory. Not only memory as information, but memory as 
>lived memory,a  know-how of everyday life, memory as inscribed in the 
>body. Lygia Clark's therapy provides us with a model of this kind of 
>memory, a model that could potentially be related to an archeology of 
>the urban. 

Could you elaborate on this confluence of the museological and the
urban? What would replacing the institution of the museum with the
exhibition as an institution entail exactly?  How would the city serve
as the privileged reservoir of memory, as inscribed in the body and its
lived practices?  There are so many exciting issues stored in this

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