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Re: <eyebeam><blast> images as ecriture

Dear Marina,

Welcome back from Hong Kong, and thanks for your comments.

> The most striking point about Japan is that it is almost a
> paradigmatic case of how  Capitalist society is  functioning 
> today.(..) and, on the other hand, this is way it is so painful for 
> the gendered and leftist body to
> spend the rest of its life here.   No content is possible to find
> between people, but, to put this in a crude way, only formal, empty,
> surfaces are communicating and  exchanging  among themselves. Capital
> is the only content, inequality of different sexes the most common 
> mode of living.  Everything is coded and ritualized to the point that 
> only the form of the relation counts and not its content.

When Japanese people (who didn't develop clear ideological dialectics,
or separation between individuals and others, or physical body and
spirit like Europe did) got capitalized, it went so rapidly and
superficially. It is true.

As you know, every objects could be interpreted differently depending
WHO is talking about. Your word "it is so painful for the gendered and
leftist body to spend the rest of its life here" is basd on  European
perspective, even appreciate it very much as it is.
But generally Japanese people are not aware of gender or other
politics(and it is the problem for you).  Of course, there exists an
invisible power politics in Japanese society but they are different from
the ones in your society where gender and other politics have clear
position and meanings. In Japan, we have to fight differently, we have
to find our own way to perceive the situation and how to manage with
this. Of course it is not easy to find the way, and I have not found the
answer..what I can do now is, to take various perspectives(European and
Japanese and others and in between of them..) by constantly changing

The characteristic of capitalism is "no contents" and reproduce the
meaningless, unclear realms...
It would be easier for humans to set up the objects to fight for, but
would it be applied to all the culture..?

> In such a structure it is possible to hide even  better   taking a
> prescribed form in the structure of the image. So what seems just a
> simple commmunication tool is, from my point of view,  a very useful
> form of taking  the prescribed idelogical form of acting, communicating,
> living.

What I am talking with the word "new images" doesn't have any contents
or messages even they seem to contain huge amount of images. You see the
images as the representation of the contents or hidden ideology, but I
see the images(such as Purikura) as the possibility of interconnecting
selves, or selves appeared by connecting with others, as membrane or

all the best, yukiko

Yukiko Shikata
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