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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Art and Media

Ursula Biemann wrote:

> (Art in) cyberspace is not just about using
>the computer to its fullest, in my estimation, it's about creating a
>different social environment with new services and institutions,
>employments, built realities, real estate and territories.
>Art as an industry has a strong tendency to resist structural changes.
>In terms of the internet, an important question would be then: How 
could the net influence art as an institution structurally in turn. 

> I'm aware that this discussion is more about how we can use
>the internet but I'm also interested in the question of what IT will or 
>can do to us.

I think this is a very timely question Ursula and net art seems so far
to do to us just what the artists and other web designers program them
to perform.The interactivity level is present no question,however what
that exchange brings to the individual user beside informing
entertaining,and debating like we are here(and we can all do this and
have access to these experiences and stimuli in the real world)  is
another question.
Should the net substantiate more than just what I just mentioned?I think

I for instance would like to hear from the eyebeam crowd if they think
interactive art can save? Prevent? We know it cannot prevent the forest
fires in Brazil (only inform),but it is more about the individual
cases,since the internet is more geared toward the individual's use.

Can an art piece on the net change a man's mind for not raping his
girlfriend, wife,or a total stranger that day?I doubt it! Can it prevent
a mother from drowning her newborn baby in a bathtub? If the interactive
cyberspace technology can explore its capabilities to interact in our
daily lives in a way to prevent or save the  individuals from tragedies
like these then this medium could really  reach a revolutionary status.

Don't get me wrong,what the art and the net association achieved so far
is very promising and has a tremendous potential in many aspects, but
art only relieves and seldomely saves or prevents. I think that is an
aspect worthy of serious discourse and research.

Hope someone out there thought of this point of view and interest
everyone who did not and will open a serious debate about this!

Let's hear it! 

Attila Sohar

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