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Re: <eyebeam><blast> bioelectric user/machine interface//loc

I've enjoyed reading the various postings to this thread; they've been 
informative, funny, thought-provoking... More recently, Waltraud 

>I hope you don't mind me sharing this with you. That night when my 
>computer broke down there was a chance that people of opposite 
>backgrounds would take on the opportunity to talk to each other. 
>Meanwhile I am back at a computer, but I wonder if so far the New Media 
>have been helpful in creating a common language between people from the 
>east and people from the west. 
I was moved by this eloquent account of the wall coming down; proof is 
renewed that our use of new media's allowed us further access beyond 
borders to each others' experiences. I have to admit I'm grateful, 
happy, and amazed. (It's exciting to be part of such a vivid pow-wow). 
It's with tremendous satisfaction that one communicates in clear 
English across cultures. For some reason, though, my mind wanders back 
to the mosque, how wonderful it would be to have voice translation 
software, translating spoken Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, into English, 
French, Greek text. Does such a thing exist, I wonder, or is anybody 
working on it?

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