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Re: Re: <eyebeam><blast> Telerobotics and Telepistemology

Ken Goldberg wrote:

>Other examples are the Gulf War and the Mars Sojourner
>Project.  In all of these cases the epistemological questions are
>closely related to unwieldy political and economic structures.  Most
>believe because it's on national television and the rest (the cynics)
>don't believe for the same reason. 

I've heard this analysis of the Sojourner landing (particularly on
national television) but quite to the contrary and very unlike the Gulf
War, it was an event about which a great deal of information was
available with very little filtering.  On television, on the Web, on
Usenet, by eyewitness accounts we had a very open and diverse
information flow from the Sojourner project. Rather than filtering, a
lot of different NASA folks and folks from other nations' space programs
and scientific communities answered every question asked and more.  We
had more information about the landing than we did about the Academy
Awards or Diana's funeral.  And it was less filtered.

I think the stories form because the event is amazing and because people
don't have a lot of experience by which to evaluate it.

- Stephen Linhart

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