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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Astronomical hindsight

Hello Martin, Michael and all

On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, Michael H. Goldhaber wrote:

> relation to the Internet or cyberspace. While it may be true that far
> away objects may only be experienced as they were in the past, when you
> restrict yourself to an Internet confined to earth, whose signals travel
> at close to light speeds, all points on the planet are effectively

   One point of relevance of these theories to the internet might be the
question of far and near, related to reconsiderations of "distance" in
the context of a move to distance learning in the academy.  Continental
philosophers have problematized the nature and experience of "nearness"
and the paradoxical counter-intuitive  concepts of science often are
appealed to in these discussions.  
   Any thoughts on what happens to the behavior of those using distance
technologies when they are not online?  Do they/we begin to experience
themselves/ourselves differently and so begin to act differently in our
immediate setting?  
   How do you understand the relevance of philosophical concepts of
"distance" to decisions about design or style in work prepared for
electronic distribution?

Greg Ulmer

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