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<eyebeam><blast> FELIPE EHRENBERG HERE/ volume

'Tis indeed a fascinating forum, so much so that I've formed a habit:
Upon opening my daily mail in the morning I scan the newly received
notes and rewrite a remark at the REF. space. Then I file them all away,
pending a more carefull reading, usually once a week late at night. 
Thereupon I edit the ones that I find interesting, humorous or pertinent
to my personal agenda, discard some for good and transfer the remaining
to an "Eyebeam" file which now contains over 200 "pages". The contents
being so substancial, this last week I came upon the idea of a printout,
to be read as a pamphlet, or a book, by non electronautical friends
(surprisingly many), artists or no. Since this requires a little more
work (further editing, grammar, chronolpgies, etc) I shall do it on my
return from LA, march 8th.
I haven't found the time (nor the need, actually) to actively
participate in the discussions, save for a few sidepecked greetings at
long-lost newly-found friends (thanks to eyebeam) and by now there are,
of course, some "favorite" voices which have become familiar. To answer
your question, I don't think you (or us) need worry about the quantitity
of responses. Being immaginative folk, each will find a way to cope with
any overflow (if that's what it is). Keep it up. Personally speaking,
it's the most interesting and thoughtprovoking period I've had in a
loooooooooong time and has already given me food for thought (and work)
for a looooooong time to come. Saludos a los amigos, en especial Pedro
Meyer, Ellen Fernandez, Milton Machado (oy!), Coco Conn, Eve Andree,
Felipe Ehrenberg

Nope, post it up, give it out. Things public ARE public. I don't believe
mMeicans are as up tight as US in copyrighting what we think about ...
hope EYEBEAM dosn't stop.
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