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////// ToNight/Some day sss aGO News/versus Humanity/// Death is an Oven
that Burned your Bodies Vaporized your Souls/ THe Enemy is Toujours La
Meme: Tyranny/Dictator/ Caesar/Kaiser/Tsar/King

        ***night I watched the 'news' and noticed American people
        out against this desire "America" h
        //////////////////////as to lead the way to death for so
many others. It was heartening. To see Americans speaking out agk
ainst the
machinery which has cost billions and billions of dollars. A machine
        KKKKillllllll*****************to kill and maim. No matter how
cuts it. War is terrible. Terrible for
those who wage it (morally spiritually), and more terrible of course for
those on the ground. It was very moving to see this change in American
politics. As the town hall Meeting broadcast on CNN around the world
fell flat on its face. Nobody in their right mind can even imagine
supporting even remotely the monster with the moustache. The little man
who has killed thousands and perhaps more.
I refer of course to the
dictator and tyrant who is 'ruling' if one can call what he does, ruling
the country called, Iraq. There is a very moving Iraqui expression
which goes like this:

        Kan wa ma kan

        It was and It was not/ 

        and as a Billboard ad, assembled by an
Artist had it just after the GUlf War 1991 adjusted it to the
circumstances put it:

        There was and was not a city called Baghdad.
        Yes, there was a city where ordinary people lived. And they are
much the victims of the terror of that regime as anyone. So why would
Americans go in and destroy with so-called precision bombs and 'smart'
bombs for all the world to see what cannot be seen and achieved. Seen?
Death?   Seen More deaths? More Melted bodies?

        Seen death? Seen bombs?
        Seen bodies mutilated?
        Seen homeless kids and mamas on the ruelles and the streets

        amongst the already hundreds of thousands who have died

        Already because of the effect of the sanctions.
        A strange way for America to achieve 'democracy.'

        What democracy and for who?

        I simplify

        of course

        but bodies are simple when hit by bullets and bombs.
        America's terror and the gulf war which as Baudrillard put it 
        Did Not Happen at all in 91.
        How terrible that a war cannot have happened and yet thousands

        How terrible the images of the young boys with no boots being
bombed to hell by B 52 bombers again and again.

        Poor serfs and teenagers barely

        Victims and eviscerated in the war machine of the big states

        who cut and slaughter any who get in their way.

        Oh sad world. And these pitiable words which cannot be heard

        Oh sad inadequacy of words in the cyber 
        How does the 'web' feel about death?
        And bombs and gas masks?
        and biological and chemical deaths

        Or maybe even a nuclear missile if things really go awry

        Or how does a camel feel in the desert when the Sun turns black
        Or when

        the alcoholic who runs Russia babbles on about world war three

        Where to? Oh men and women
        Where to?

        When Orpheus called upon the dead millions of ghosts dead from

        the Thousands of wars, what Orpheus heard was nothing
        and sadness 

        reigned. Because there was nothing but sadness in the
        emptiness of its death and the bomb shut the scene down.

        Which god killed the Spirit of the People of the Earth,

        when the Boys went to war, and killed so many more

        bodies with bones that cracked.

        There was and there was not a city called Baghdad.

        *** A time to make even Doctor Strange Love cackle with

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