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Re: <eyebeam><blast> identification/ART

On Sat, 28 Feb 1998, Margaret Morse wrote:

'Oral logic as a way of creating identity or constructing a self through
"introjection" or putting something inside or around oneself is
pervasive and not at all restricted to cyberculture--though it remains a
largely unacknowledged part of psychic life.  Nonetheless, oral logic
seems to predominate in a cyberculture that loathes, denies, disavows
and repudiates the mortal body in many ways I describe in my essay. I
link fantasies of the body eating or being eaten by the computer to
smart drugs, downloading consciousness, immersion in virtual reality and
lots more. I could have added the basic topological logic of the graphic
interface to oral logic, since it is based on "eating," "being eaten by"

Does this have anything to do with Freud and oral regression?

Luke Pellen
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'The philosopher is like a mountaineer who has with difficulty climbed a
mountain for the sake of the sunrise, and arriving at the top finds only
fog; whereupon he wanders down again. He must be an honest man if he
doesn't tell you that the spectacle was stupendous.' - W. Somerset
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