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Re: <eyebeam><blast> territory

Craig Brozefsky's technical comments are welcome. thanks. I am aware of
the growing privatisation of the infrasturcture and appreciate your
specifics. My concern is with processes enacted in the Net. You don't
think that the spread of firewalled corporate sites on the Web and the
more recent surge in software for so-called virtual business networks --
via "tunnelling" or encryption -- matters? What do you think about the
growing privatisation of the infrastructure? Does it possibly signal a
time when the price-setting for access will be affected? I'd be curious
to know what you think.
When I speak of resistance etc. it is not to software--
resistance/countervailing presence, etc. would be also in the software,
of course. It is that I think of the Net as a produced space--one
wherein the early hacker culture played an enormous role to strengthen
opnness and interconnectivity. So I can't help but think that current
software production aimed at "privatisations" on the Net will also have
a shaping role. Let us hope that GNU etc. works. 

saskia sassen

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